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Johan Brink

Johan first attended a watercolour course in 1998 presented by the late Tim Robson…0ne of the great watercolourists of the Southern Cape and perhaps the most unsung artists of recent times. The business of helping to run a lodge and restaurant intervened for a few years but, encouraged by his partner Marion, who was already established in the art world, he attended an art course by the acclaimed artist Dale Elliot. This inspirational experience was the catalyst to explore the wonderful world of art. Johan has subsequently sold his interests in the Lodge and Restaurant, opened up a small gallery in Storms River Village and, in partnership with Elzette Bester, developed their own studio from where they paint and conduct art courses on a monthly basis.

Johan works primarily in watercolour…a medium which is regaining popularity in leaps and bounds. "No other medium can replicate the brightness and luminosity which one can achieve with watercolour. The depth and soul captured by a vibrant, bright watercolour is something extremely special. This, linked with the high level of skill required to render a good watercolour makes the medium totally unique" Johan loves the unfussiness of the South African landscape, a cleanness and simplicity that, in a good watercolour, can reveal the complexity and richness of tone and light. His work has been incorporated into collections around the world and continues to grow in popularity.