The Bitou Art Gallery

Situated in the picturesque village of Stormsriver, South Africa

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For too long art has been seen as the sole preserve of the moneyed, sophisticated elite. A select few who have some sort of superior knowledge and understanding of art. This misconception needs to be corrected and we aim to start here!

Art appreciation is easy: you either like a piece or you don’t. It either tells you something, means something or it doesn’t. As simple as that. Art and everything about it… the enjoyment, the appreciation and the accessibility, should be there for all to enjoy. With this project, Art–4-All, we aim to do just that…to take the snob value out of art and offer high quality, original works by successful artists to everyone.

Art–4-All gives the man in the street as well as the seasoned collector the opportunity of owning really good art at affordable prices…the ideal place to start (or expand) your collection. Buy one piece every year or every six months and you’re away!

Participating artists are: Johan Brink, Marion E, Susan Kemp and Elzette Bester. All pieces are 150mm x 150mm with high quality frames, mounts and glass and is certified as original. They come in an attractive box making for the ideal gift which is easy an secure to transport or mail to any destination.

Start your collection today ... Real art for real people!

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